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Car Clinic

Jones Motoring believes, there are a lot of road users, who lack the basic knowledge and safety to perform every day tasks required on our vehicles. In a survey of 15-16 year old students, Josh Jones was shocked at how limited our youths knowledge was, when required to perform the basic tasks such as, changing a flat tyre safely, checking vehicles fluids, what to do if involved in an accident, checking tyre pressures etc. From this, the Car Clinic was born, a detailed, full colour book on everything you should know when it comes to your vehicle.

A hands on Car Clinic has also been performed many times to the students of Kings High School Dunedin (Joshs former High School), and also to other schools, and even to some of our more senior drivers. Email us today , for a free copy of this book.

Please enjoy listening to our Motoring tips and also our popular Car Clinic radio shows played weekly on Dunedins’ All Sports Breakfast.